Reframing Valentine’s Day: Love Isn’t Just For Lovers

Have you ever had a picture that you really didn’t like and then, one day, you decide to put it in a nice frame and VOILA: the picture now looks great to you?  This is called reframing in coaching circles and it works much the same way. Since today is Valentine’s Day, let’s use that for our example.  For many, the thought of a “romantic” holiday is almost unbearable.  The whole flowers and candy thing is just a spotlight on their loneliness and longing to have a relationship with that special someone, when they don’t. So how, then, do we change this?  How do we reframe our negative feelings about the big LOVE day and begin to see it in a better perspective?

What if we were to think of Valentine’s Day, not just for couples, but as a day to celebrate love, period?  A day to give some little token of affection to those around us, those we work with, go to school with, worship with, play with. Remember how much joy it was to give valentines to all your friends in grade school?  It wasn’t about romance— except for the school boy/girl crush. It was about giving a whole bunch of your classmates a fun greeting just to let them know they were liked and appreciated.  And there was always that one special valentine reserved for teacher.  Bet you couldn’t wait to give it to her, right?

So how’d we get so far away from allowing ourselves to revel in the joy of such a past occassion of fun?  And what could be better than another excuse to eat candy— especially chocolate?  At what point did we allow ourselves to be defined—framed, by the candy, flower, and greeting card industries, instead of love?  And what we do about it to change our perspective?  Whose day can you brighten today?  What can you give to someone or do to let them know they are appreciated?  And, what could you do for yourself to celebrate your own worth?  I am fortunate enough to have a loving husband and son to buy me chocolates but, guess what— I bought myself a heart this year. Yet my favorite thing was making a slideshow of love quotes to inspire and encourage others in a world desperately needing love.  In fact, four of the slides were written because of the Sandy Hook tragedy— the slides starting with the double rainbow over the empty playground, up to the kids building a sandcastle.  Check it out, and pass on the love: love of our children, love from our creator, love of friends, and, yes, couples too— but not exclusively.  Because love isn’t just for lovers.   ~JT/Creators Life Coaching

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