Dress For Success: Put Some Armor In Your Armoire

freeimage-1206353knightLife is a battlefield.  There will always be challenges and obstacles to overcome.  But how we prepare for these challenges makes all the difference in our ability to achieve success. It’s the difference between having a dream or a fantasy.

I love movies about knights: Knight’s Tale, First Knight, Camelot—I’ve watched these all too many times to keep count. And with results reaching much further than entertainment: I’ve learned a life lesson about dressing for success.  I’ve come to discover things one needs to “put on” to have a victorious life: funds, humility, attention to details, flexibility, strength/endurance, an awareness of one’s uniqueness, and the courage to more forward. This, then, is some of the armor I put in my armoire and how I came to realize its significance.

First off, there’s funds needed. Seems obvious. If you’re going to school, starting a business, etc. you will need to have required money to start. The knights were part of the nobility and the only ones who could afford the expensive armor required to be a knight. The other positions were foot soldier or archer. So, wanting a certain career demands finances, or resources to obtain them.

A second characteristic, humility, came to mind with the knowledge that knights needed a squire to prepare them for battle. The knights could not dress themselves. How many times do people not get where they want because they do not develop a good support system for themselves— something paramount to success in my field of coaching. And then there’s the attention to detail: cover all your assets. Ever spend so much time focusing on one area that you left out that important minor detail you needed to make things happen? A knight’s armor had a lot of parts that all worked together to protect him.  Going into battle with a beautiful strong breastplate wouldn’t be so good if armpits were  unprotected.

And this might be a good place to bring up the “flexibility” trait. To be prepped for victorious living, we must be able to change with the requirements of the time.  After all, there was a time when chain mail was sufficient gear for a knight. Then came the longbow and crossbow.  Plate mail became necessary.

What change have you been resisting that could spur you on to success?  For me, it was all this tech stuff.  But it is necessary. I can’t think I’ll succeed without being equipped in some tech knowledge and skills. Nor can I expect to take on the world if I don’t take care of myself first. It took a strong body to support fifty pounds of armor. It takes healthy habits of diet and exercise to help you stand up under the pressures of today’s world. And the emotional fortitude and courage to push forward and go for one’s dreams in the midst of obstacles is greatly empowered  by self-awareness of one’s uniqueness.

The knight was literally wrapped in self-awareness of his own uniqueness, as a knight’s armor had to be customed made.  No other knight could fit another knight’s armor. How does it make you feel to know that there is no one else in the world who can fit the purpose you are designed to accomplish?  What do you need to get wrapped up in to gain the confidence to overcome obstacles and move forward to pursue the life of your dreams?

God has designed you for a unique special purpose, and, as your coach, I would consider it an honor to help you discover and fulfill that purpose as only you can by assisting you with putting on your armor and helping you climb back on your horse, as I’ve so enjoyed with others (see testimonials,  AND IT WORKS:)  And, don’t forget to stop by on your crusade for some refreshing at the soul oasis

Because Life Happens.   Quality Life Doesn’t™   ~Creators Life Coaching

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