Breaking The Mold: So Your Life Isn’t Moldy

freeimage-1376545moldedBreaking the mold. How many times have we heard that expression? But when you stop and really think about what it means, there’s something really powerful going on here in this expression?  And, for all that matters, what’s in a word?  Sometimes, all the difference in the world.  Let’s use my quote in the photo for an example: “The human soul should be molded by love and hope, not molded from dark thoughts and tears.” (Click on image to enlarge)  The words “by” and “from” were not used randomly.  To mold something is to shape it, form it by environment, circumstances, teaching, parenting, etc.  To mold, on the other hand, is a consequence that takes place from being in a damp, dark place. So, in other words, if our lives have been molded by bad circumstances, we’d better find a way to keep ourselves in the light if we don’t want to end up with a moldy life.

Great, so much for the lesson in semantics. But now, let’s apply it to designing a quality life and get ready to empower and enlighten yourself.  Your life doesn’t have to be moldy!  That’s right— no matter how long you’ve been sitting in that damp, dark place. You can break out of that moldy life mold and start shaping your life and living your dreams.  Even if it means learning to dream again, finding a new vision for your life.

Are you ready to move forward in life? No matter what your life has been?  Then you are a coachable person. You are ready to break out of the mold of the past and start shaping, or molding, a good future for yourself and your loved ones. And a great coach can help you shape up— physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc.   Well how, you might ask.

Coaching increases your self-awareness and helps you discover what’s really important to you, what your unique gifts are, your core values. It helps you create opportunities for yourself, find balance, and gain insight and vision. It helps you set realistic goals, create support systems for yourself and accountability partners.  (For more info, click on my FAQs)

So here’s to breaking the moldy old mold of the past and molding the life of your dreams.  Say good-bye to being molded “from” and hello to being molded “by” what you most desire.  Design Your Life- Build Your Dreams.  Because Life Happens.  Quality Life Doesn’t. ~Creators Life Coaching       (For more inspiration, visit the soul oasis)

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