About Life:

It Happens.                             Quality Life Doesn’t

With Creators Life Coaching, You Can Design and Build the Life of Your Dreams.

Hi!  Welcome.  My name is Janet Todd. After graduating in 2012 from Christian Coach Institute, I founded Creators Life Coaching out of my passion for wanting others to revive and live their dreams. My purpose is two-fold: I help creatives create success, whether it be purpose, profit, or both; and I inspire creativity in others all over the world for quality living.

I accomplish this like most good coaches— by helping you establish smart goals, develop plans to achieve them, and by keeping you accountable.

But what makes me unique as a coach is that I am on the same journey as you to creative success and prosperity, and I use my own creativity in fresh and innovative ways to inspire, encourage, and nurture the creative in you.


  I had the opportunity to coach with Janet in regards to some tough family issues…moving, changing jobs, growing family. She handled the topic with all the sensitivy it required, and encouraged me to focus on where I could help the situation (prepping for baby, organizing the move, etc.), and not stress about those things I couldn’t control. I left our sessions refreshed & prepared to face those challenges head on!   ~Amanda Houchin Howell, Sherman, TX

  Coach Janet Todd is a refuge in understanding and possibilities, with a strong sense of security and wonderful backbone.  She doesn’t just talk— she follows through. In just the discovery session alone, she increased my self-awareness so much that I was able to start seeing myself relevant to the time at hand.  I now have a strong sense of purpose and belonging and have gotten a job and gone back to school. Thanks so much, Coach Janet, for sharing and caring with intuition. So appreciate that I have someone like you backing me up.  Words cannot express my gratitude.   ~Marshall Wheeler, Richmond,VA

   Coach Janet Todd is amazing. I was getting so stressed out about not having quality time with my 5-year-old son. But by the end of my very first coaching session, I was able to come up with all kinds of strategies for making better use of the time I have with my son, and all kinds of ideas for creative activities— wow, she really has tons of ideas for educational games that my son just can’t get enough of.  He went from playing video games 2 hours a day to none at all.  And, his behavior has improved both at home and at school.  Thanks, Coach Janet, for making two lives better.   ~Samantha Rickard, Morenci, MI


Tell me— what are your dreams?  How do you want your life to look?

Come chat with me in a complimentary one-on-one discovery session, or join me in my complimentary online class on reviving your dreams— or sign up for both!

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